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Mvs kiran

A Passionate Web developer!

Passionate self-taught front-end web developer and a freelance software engineer from India. My passion for software lies in dreaming up ideas and making them come true with elegant interfaces. I take great care in the experience, architecture, and code quality of the things I build. I am also an open-source enthusiast and maintainer. Author of www.reactchallenges.live

01.About Me
Hello! My name is Mvskiran, and I am a passionate software engineer and problem solver, dedicated to creating impactful codes that thrive on the internet.
Since pursuing my engineering degree, my career has taken me through diverse industries, allowing me to refine my expertise in desktop and web development. In the realm of Web, I am dedicated to pushing boundaries and driving advancements. With experience working alongside esteemed organizations like Cognizant, where I played a key role in releasing AI tutor for Pearson client Pearsons Plus AI tutor- Chatbot for students and teachers leveraging ChatGPT Databsae , my passion for web and continuous learning drives me to make a positive impact and advance technology.
Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently :
JavaScript (ES6+)
Styled Components
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Where I've Worked
Frontend Developer - Pearson Group @ ReactJS, NextJsApril 2023 - Current, Indiahttps://www.pearson.com/en-us/pearsonplus.html
Played a key role in the implementation of frontend components for Pearson AI Chatbot powered by ChatGPT, Significantly enhancing student engagement and experience for a user base of over 2M+ students.”
Collaborated closely with the backend team to ensure seamless integration, fostering efficient communication and achieving a user-friendly interface. Consistently adhered to best coding principles and implemented continuous delivery practices to promptly address and deliver feedback items
03. Some Things I've Built
Project Screen shot

Developed a Progressive Web App (PWA), that empowers users to tweet posts with selfies Implemented offline background sync using the IndexedDB database, ensuring seamless synchronization and data availability even without an internet connection

    Background SyncWeb Push NotificationNetwork with cache fallbackOffline capability
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Recent ProjectReact Challenges

The website offers a curated collection of coding challenges allowing developers to apply their React knowledge and enhance their problem-solving skills. ∗ The website’s user-friendly design and comprehensive challenge catalog have attracted a significant number of developers, resulting in more than 30K+ page visits and counting.

    ReactHooksNextjsChallengesHandson Exercises
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Freelance ProjectMynterio

Developed and designed a sleek and modern website specifically tailored for Home Interior Designining company to showcase their portfolios to customers and significantly boost lead generation

    ReactJsWebpackTailwind CSSTypeScript
GitHubExternal Link
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In initiation...

Built a word guessing challenge built using ReactJS! In the future, I plan to add multiplayer functionality, allowing users to compete against friends or other players online.

    ReactJSWoordle GameJavascript


React Testing with RTL and Jest

React Testing with RTL and Jest

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Demystifying useCallback() hook!

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All about Web Accessibility | 2021

All about Web Accessibility | 2021

Build Accessible web applications - a11y

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What problem does WebPack solve?

What problem does WebPack solve?

What problem does WebPack solve? How it Empowers the production build?

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What exactly is Hoisting in JS?

What exactly is Hoisting in JS?

Hoisting - A must-know concept for Javascript developers!

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I have had the distinct pleasure of having Kiran as a colleague at BT. He has a very strong work ethic and excellent problem solving skills. Kiran is dedicated, self-motivated, and very capable. He is a colleague the team can always rely upon. It was a privilege to work with him.
Pal David Senior Frontend Engineer
We worked together for a while in a very complex project. In that scenario, Kiran was very kind, hardworking, always trying to understand the the system requirements. He did not hesitate to contact stakeholders and solve problems. He would be a great asset to any team.
Mellina Yonashiro FrontEnd Developer
MVS is workaholic and proficient in technical skills very well. I would recommend MVS to be part in any kind of front end role or in any full stack platform which is helpful for the organisation to full fill their needs !
Rishi Bayisetti Software Developer
04.What's Next?
Get In Touch

Although I'm Always open for any new opportunities, my inbox is open. Whether you have a question or just want to say hi, I'll try my best to get back to you!